How to Quickly Package Your Knowledge and Expertise into Profitable Passive and Recurring Income Products That Will Skyrocket Your Income and Reputation

Like the Genie in the Bottle, Your Message Needs to Be Let Loose!

Dear Passionate Fellow Business Owner,

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, author or service based business owner who LOVES what you do and who is selling your knowledge, skills or expertise, chances are you may be wondering how to create the income you want without using old, stale marketing tactics that don’t feel quite right, or without continuing to simply sell your time for an hourly or monthly rate.

As an experienced small business and marketing coach and mentor I’ve worked with hundreds of amazing, wise and motivated people who get results with their clients. They just don’t know how to get enough clients to make more money, and they’re usually undercharging or selling their time for dollars. How many clients can you serve that way in a typical work week?

It’s time to grab the knowledge out of your head and Package It! Just think of all the times you repeat the same steps and processes with your clients. Why not package that and create popular, income generating products that will change your business forever and allow you to:

  • Make money that ever before–even when you’re NOT working -  Add an additional $100,000 a year to your income (like I have)
  • Serve 10 to 100 times or more people
  • Create much more visibility and build your reputation
  • Assure you that you’ll never worry about getting clients again
  • Create a funnel to drive clients willingly into your higher priced programs and services
  • Even package your “success system” to create a new lucrative income stream  and become the “guru” in your niche

Okay, you’ve heard this before, right? But have you TAKEN ACTION? I was just where you were in 2001 when I started my business. It took me 3 years to “get it” and I haven’t looked back since. What I love most is the extra time it’s given me to create new products and spend more time on my other passions like gourmet cooking, singing, theater, spending time with my daughter and my friends and traveling to Italy.

You probably haven’t taken action to package your knowledge because it seems like a daunting task and you don’t know WHAT will sell, or HOW to sell it. Or you may have tried and ended up with a half finished product or low sales and you became discouraged.

I’ve seen this happen to people who came to me for help more times than I can say. Well it’s time to STAND BIG and ACT BIG! Get out of the shadows and put the SPOTLIGHT on your SPECIAL ABILITIES. It’s time to open up the vault in your mind and create easy to sell, hot new products that people in your market need, want and would be happy to buy from you! Stop working so darn hard, have some fun, and share what you love on a BIGGER STAGE.

The Knowledge to Income Workshop

Learn my step-by-step system that will show you exactly how to ACTUALLY CREATE your passive or recurring income product or program in just a few weeks, PLUS I’ll give you the cut-to-the chase 2 part MARKETING SYSTEM that will generate an ongoing flow of LEADS and SALES


Just creating a knowledge product isn’t enough. You have to GIVE BUYERS WHAT THEY WANT, then you have to SELL IT.

That’s why in this program we will cover 4  important steps to creating PRODUCT CASH FLOW

  1. How to chose a topic that will sell

  2. How to create an in demand product — step-by-step

  3. How to set up your marketing, sales and delivery on autopilot

  4. The fastest ways to generate a steady flow of leads and buyers

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in the Knowledge to Income System Workshop…

Module 1: Find A Hot Topic That Will Sell

  • Pinpoint where your passion, knowledge and expertise MEET A NEED in your market so you give people what THEY want
  • Identify the HOT Topics and products currently selling well in your niche
  • Discover how to CREATE A POWERFUL PRODUCT TITLE that will have people wanting to buy from you.
  • Discover exactly where people in your market are “hanging out” so you can start connecting with them and engaging in conversation
  • Learn the high response Title Buzz Words
  • Discover the reasons WHY people buy

“When I started the workshop, I had several great ideas for home study courses I wanted to create, but wasn’t moving forward on getting any of them completed. I also had virtually no marketing in place for my existing service business beyond word of mouth, and felt overwhelmed by the technological learning curve I was facing in getting all of the marketing and course delivery systems in place.

With this program, not only was I able to identify which course to focus on first, but I completed a fully detailed outline of all of the content for it very quickly and easily, and will use Janis’ wonderful, very easy to use tools for creating several others.

And even more importantly, this program walked me through each step to take to market and deliver my program. Because I was starting from square one, I still have a lot of action to take, but I have a clear understanding of what to do and WHY to do it, and I am able to just take one step at a time, feeling confident that I am making the best use of my time.

I know I would have wasted enormous amounts of time and money trying to move into offering home study programs without taking Janis’ course.”

Liz Davis, Organizer,

Custom Organizing Solutions

Module 2: How to Package Your Product so you can Sell More and Work Less

  • Learn the easiest ways to QUICKLY package and deliver your product and which combinations sell best
  • How to structure your product in a way that allows you to CHARGE MORE and gets your clients raving about you and offering glowing testimonials
  • How to package your product at several different levels and different price points to leverage your work and attract more clients
  • Great Resources where you can easily fulfill hard copy programs with CD’s, DVD’s and printed materials so you can charge more.

When I started this workshop I had been planning to write my home study course for the past six months. But since I write all day for my clients, I just couldn’t carve out the time.

I took Janis’s course to give me the structure and guidance I needed to get my course written and promoted. The content was amazing–complete details on everything I needed to do to get my course completed and marketed.

I started back into the project as soon as I began the class and I was more than halfway done at the end of the class. I expect to be done within the next month. Additionally, the resources were useful as was the one-on-one coaching in the live classes.

If you want to give up excuses, and get your course written so you can start producing passive income, you need to take this course.”

Andrea Susan Glass, Writer

Module 3: Organize Your Project

  • Get trained on my step-by-step process for Creating Your Product Outline in no time!
  • Develop your Personal Branded Process that will put you in the spotlight in your niche
  • Discover how to organize your product into Simple-to-Understand deliverables like modules, checklists, audio, video and worksheets that you can use in other programs
  • What free and affordable technology to use to create digital products– audios, videos, ebooks, and how to use it
  • Worksheets and Checklists will guide you through the process

Module 4: Create a Get-it-Done Schedule

  • I’ll walk you through my Create My Product Scheduling Checklist so you can easily develop a 7 to 30-day timeline (depending on your project) and know what to do each week
  • We’ll work through my Success Tasks Checklist for the entire step-by-step process from creation through marketing so you know every task you need to complete to launch your product.

“This is not a “learning” experience; it’s a “doing” experience. That is the value in this course. By the end, students will either have a product ready to roll out, or be well on their way to it.”

Kevin Peterson, CPP

Module 5: Create Your Content, Product Graphic and Pricing

  • Content creation guidelines and shortcuts, including how to OTHERS to create your content for you!
  • You’ll get to brainstorm your ideas in class, get input from other participants in our Open Coaching Strategy Sessions
  • How to price your product so people readily say “yes” (this is crucial)
  • Discover how and WHERE to go to create a sales boosting product graphic

Module 6: Create a Sizzling Sales Page and Automated Delivery Process

  • Use my Template to write a Mesmerizing Sales Page that sells!
  • How to put your new income stream on autopilot. Skipping just one step can cost you lost sales. I’ll make sure you cover all the bases.
  • Discover  the step-by-step what sales and delivery set up you need to put in place to put your entire marketing, sales and delivery system on autopilot.
  • Complete your step-by-step marketing set-up –Shopping cart, website, email marketing, delivery
  • Get process maps and written instructions for each step

I’ll also give you–

  • A simple 4 part E-mail marketing set-up
  • 4-part Website set-up instructions
  • Shopping cart and product delivery set up
  • Video and Audio marketing and delivery set up
  • The latest software that will increase sales conversion and will put lots of the process on autopilot
  • Worksheet and Checklists

“Thank you, Janis, for providing me with the Systems that have been missing in my business! Your course provided me with incredibly valuable tools and systems –everything I need to create and successfully market my Program!

I appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge and resources. And the laser coaching session I added with you really helped me drill down and get clear on who I want to serve with my new program. Thank you for helping me share my message with those I’m here to serve!”

Debbie Delgado, IdealLife Coach

See it. Create it. Live it. Love it!

Module 7: Attract Leads

  • Learn my Tele-class and Webinar Product Marketing System
  • How and where to find Joint Venture partners who can bring in multiple sales and build your lead list. NEW fun Joint Venture strategies!

Module 8: Implement the Marketing

  • Create a lead generation activity schedule that you can outsource in just a few hours a week.
  • How and where to outsource for very little money
  • Steps to creating a powerful follow up strategy that will turn more leads into buyers.
  • Use Kindle and iTunes to explode your list and sales- This is HOT!

… and Strategies to Increase Sales

  • Ways to motivate your affiliate partners to increase the sales they generate
  • How to re-purpose and re-package  the products you have to create MASSIVE SALES in different markets.
  • How to move your buyers into higher priced programs

The Reveal

  • Be ready to launch by the conclusion of the workshop and I will feature you to my large following on Twitter and Facebook !
  • Launch your program and enjoy your great accomplishment and new income stream!!

What’s Included:

  • Eight Webinar or Audio Training sessions where I’ll teach you my entire Knowledge to Income System.
  • Get-it-Done Worksheets that walk you seamlessly through each step
  • Class Notes -I’ve done if for you so you don’t need to take notes yourself
  • Checklists and Templates for each Process
  • Process Maps
  • Individual attention and mentoring in my MONTHLY LIVE Coaching Q&A Strategy Sessions
  • Your Completed Product  announced to my social media followers for those that complete their projects fast!

Plus Bonuses valued at $497!

  • BIG RESULTS 6-FIGURE BUSINESS DESIGN MAP – the Product Profits Strategy

The Result

If you TAKE ACTION and follow my system, in Two Months you will have:

  • Package your knowledge into one or several Income Generating Products
  • Have your web pages set up
  • Have your marketing in place
  • Be ready to launch and start MAKING SALES!
  • Know how to turn your program into multiple information products!


  • …More Free Time
  • …More income
  • …The foundation for many more high ticket programs
  • …The foundation for a 6-figure income

Is it worth spending a few hours each week for 2 months to create—

  • …more money,
  • …more time,
  • …more clients
  • …and more credibility

What makes this different?

That’s a very valid question. You see many workshops are actually just lectures where you get a ton of information and you are left frustrated and overwhelmed because you aren’t getting step-by-step guidance on how to implement it. I’ll be sharing lots of very valuable information…. but I will also be helping you to actually implement it in your business through the Open Coaching Strategy sessions, Get-it-Done worksheets, Process Maps and Project Checklists. That means I’ll giving you the help you ask for.

I’ve created successful Home Study Programs, Membership programs, E-books and audio programs and have helped clients create numerous income generating programs and information products. I’d like to add YOU to that list!

How much would it mean to you to be able to move past the time-for-dollars model and create passive income and a stronger lead source? Could you use the additional income and increased expert status? Comparable programs are priced at $1,997 and up. I invest thousands in learning and mentoring each year and I’ve paid over $2,500 for similar programs. And…I’ve made tens of thousands as a result. I’d say that’s a great return on investment.

However I wanted to make it easy for you to invest in this program so that would mean that you only need to sell a few copies of your new product or program to completely recoup your investment, so you’ll pay only $797. And since I know that some of you would prefer to pay in installments, so I’ve included a simple installment plan. You can pay in 3 equal installments of $297 each. That should make this a really easy decision.


YES JANIS! I’m ready and excited about turning my knowledge, expertise hard work into an income generating Products and Programs and I’d like to grab one of the 12 spots now. I’m ready to add a new income stream to my business and I’m committed to doing the work necessary so that in 90 Days after the program begins I can have a ready-to-market program and the automated sales and marketing system to create ongoing sales.



I know this program has worked for so many participants who have finally been able to begin selling their packaged products. However if, within 30 days after your registration payment is received, you decide for any reason that it’s not for you, you will be issued a 100% refund –no questions asked.

You get to choose your payment option.


or 4 Gentle payments of $187 each


All the best,

Janis Pettit

P.S. Have you ever wondered why some people almost ALWAYS make money in ANY economy while others struggle to make ends meet? What do they know that you don’t? What are they doing that you aren’t? One of the biggest differences between those that succeed and those that struggle is HAVING PROVEN SYSTEMS IN PLACE. Successful entrepreneurs have systems that produce consistent, reliable, predictable results. The rest don’t. Here’s your chance to put a POWERFUL and proven marketing system to work for you and your business.

P.P.S.This SYSTEM will save you time, make you MORE productive, and make it easier to win in

your business. And you’ll be much better equipped to grow and prosper in any economy (even while others cry in their soup).

One of the most famous self-made, from-scratch BILLIONAIRES who started and built his sales enterprise during the great Depression, W. Clement Stone, said that THE biggest difference between highly successful and wealthy small business owners and all others is saying “NOW” and “YES,” or saying “Later,” and “Someday.” Procrastination is the language of the poor.


Please take a look at our post-program survey results.


Please take a look at our post-program survey results.

QUESTION: What did you gain or learn from this workshop?

RESPONSES (each number is an individual response)

1. Lots of great tools and systems for creating and marketing my programs and products!

2. Many different components of the “sales funnel” process that I was unaware of; how to put this together and why; how to deliver the product; places to get various services you need to put a homestudy class together.

3. Motivation – Your enthusiasm for your own business, as well as excitement about helping others makes me want to work more on my own business.

Knowledge – I had been failing to keep up with everything that is going on in business today. This brought me back up to speed very quickly.

Great resources – This is a very important part of having a successful business. More than once I found myself thinking – “Gee, I didn’t know about that one

4. I learned what all the essential components are to creating and marketing a home study program. I got a complete, detailed outline completed VERY quickly, using the wonderful tools provided. I have a very clear, detailed action plan for what to do to from here out. (BTW, I had NO online marketing in place when I started this program – now I know what to do, in what order, to get the maximum benefit out of my efforts)

5. Step-by-step process for developing an educational product…and implementing it!

6. Great content for creating and marketing a home study course

QUESTION: What were the best parts or highlights of the workshop?

RESPONSES (each number is an individual response)

1. The research method was very important and new for me. Also, just having the left-brained tools to put my right-brained ideas into action!

2. The way materials was presented, followed by the Q & A; Janis’s way of making you feel comfortable no matter where you were at but being so encouraging that each of us could accomplish our class goal by applying her strategies; clear directions on what to do next; great worksheets; sharing of her specific resources so we don’t have to recreate the learning wheel.

3. Learning from Janis Pettit! You have a great personality and you care about your students. It shows.

4. The clear, easy to follow worksheets that walked us through the assignments. The chance to interact live with Janis and get all questions answered as we went along.

5. Resources on the hub page.

6. The handouts/worksheets, ability to ask questions in live class